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About Ramgoolam

We provide an alternative to Traditional Consultancies Providing Project Services.

About Us

We help communities access services critical to their longevity and prosperity by helping build schools, hospitals, houses, clinics, water infrastructure, energy infrastructure and sanitation infrastructure.

We further help communities grow and connect their economies by helping build airports, shopping centres, offices, roads and integrated transport systems.

Through collaboration with people and businesses we help provide agile and affordable advisory solutions that help industries navigate a fast paced transitional global environment, empowering them to remain sustainable, customer centric, community centric and profitable in a changing and uncertain world.

We help communities and industries prosper by providing a diverse mix of bespoke services. Our infrastructure, building and management services are meticulously crafted and steered by people connected to these communities and industries. Ramgoolam aims to add value beyond measure, beyond expectation, beyond legacy and across the fabric of communities and industries, globally.

Value Proposition

Our collective aptitude relative to scaling up excellence, needed to support macro project, program and management objectives is unmatched.

Ramgoolam (formerly B.Ramgoolam & Associates Inc.) offers expansive end to end solutions that enable clients to develop potent projects that are ideated in alignment with strategy, executed in alignment with best practice,commissioned in alignment with operational imperatives and sustained to accentuate investment value.

Our value proposition has been created to deliver pre-eminent social and economic project and program investment value. We deliver on this covenant by igniting and enacting innovation, by applying pragmatic and academic ideology, by leveraging organic mastery and by empirically managing the interconnected changing macro paradigm.

Although we have evolved, we remain client centric, value centric and investment centric.Our multi-centric outlook underpins our value proposition and ensures that it is unparalleled.



The number of education projects we have been involved in.


The number of airports we have been involved in.


Design & Build projects delivered in the last decade.


The number of health projects we have been involved in.


The number of retail projects we have been involved in.

R10,8 Billion / U$D 864 Million

Collective value of projects where we have provided PPPM services.

R12,6 Billion

Collective value of projects and programs where we have provided cost management services.

R350 Million / U$D 28 Million

Client savings realized in 2010.


Project management software.

ISO 9001: 2008

DEKRA Certified quality management system.

BS OHSAS 18001:2007

DEKRA Certified health & safety management system.

ISO 14001:2004

DEKRA Certified environmental management system.


We are leaders in the integration of technology within service delivery environments. Through the augmentation of long-term and short-term technology strategies that are adaptive to changes within the technology space, we are able to ensure that the most advanced technologies are available to our service delivery environments and the talent that operate within them. Over the past decade the firm has invested in a multi-million-rand technology programme aimed at enabling more effective business as usual and service delivery processes.

Social Responsibility

We are earnest in empowering social economies through the execution of social initiatives that focus on alleviating poverty, aiding youth development and contributing to the creation of sustainable employment. We further invest in our human capital by means of academic and training empowerment initiatives. We are proficiently orientated with environmental deficiencies that could lead to a global future that is detrimental to future global societies. Subsequently, we take all necessary preventative action to mitigate the effect we have on our environment and as far as possible consolidate our impact through sustainable business strategies that have little or no impact on the environment.


Our human capital rethink and reshape conventional thematics for the benefit of social, ecological, economic and global communities.