Our Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is centered around providing agile and affordable management science solutions that harness business, human capital and technology expertise to provide an interdisciplinary and holistic service solution.
We have broad business exposure to various industries (Large Power Utilities, Manufacturing, Petro Chemical, Finance, Transport, Telecoms, Government Engineering and Mining) and various functional areas (Human Resources, Finance, Risk, Governance, Compliance, Legal, SHEQ, Training, Information Technologies, Supply Chain Management).


Our offerings include:

  • Business Consulting, Strategy and Solutions
  • Human Capital Consulting and Solutions
  • Information and Communication Technology
    (Specific and/or end-to-end Technology Solutions through harnessing internal capabilities, own technology IP, and Strategic and Technology Partnerships)


Our offerings include:

  • Strategy – Development, Design and Execution
  • Safety Health Environmental Quality Integration
  • Governance – Applying Frameworks and Improving Maturity
  • Change Management and Enablement
  • Project Administration and Documentation Management
  • Enterprise Architecture (EA) (Business process & Information management)
  • Architecture of the Enterprise conceptualisation, strategy, design, planning, realization and transformation
  • Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management (BPM) Frameworks,
  • Methodology and Meta constructs
  • Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management capability building (strategy, policy, structure, process, method, technology & skills)
  • Integrated Database Management System (IDMS) implementation (strategy, function, planning, process, system)
  • Enterprise Resilience and Continuity Management
  • Integrated Governance, Risk, Compliance and Corporate Assurance
  • Business Process Management (as the management discipline)
  • BPM life cycle (plan, design & develop, implement, execute, monitor and review)
  • Business, information and data architecture analysis, design and modeling
  • SDLC: Full Solution Development Life Cycle (OOAD, UML, IE, Agile)
  • Information Asset Management
  • Integrated Management System supply and set-up
  • Business and Strategy Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Large Corporate Organisational Transformation
  • Portfolio, Programme and Project Management
  • Organisation Design and Development
  • Implementation, Training, Coaching, Mentorship \ and Support


Our offerings include:

  • Human Capital Development
  • Performance Management
  • Staffing Requirements
  • Change Management and Enablement
  • Organisation Design and Development
  • Portfolio, Programme and Project Management
  • Implementation, Training, Coaching, Mentorship and Support
  • Organisation Culture


Our offerings include:

  • Lean management services, assisting with the integration and implementation of lean principles.
  • Process development and implementation thereof
  • Optimisation and automation of production systems and the relevant logistics
  • Optimised and automated maintenance scheduling
  • Optimised re-manufacture workshop flows and automated jobbing systems


Our offerings include:

  • ICT Strategy – development, design and execution
  • ICT Governance – applying frameworks and improving maturity
  • Enterprise Architecture (EA)
  • Providing system/business analysis, process design, solution design and integration
  • Selection and evaluation of software
  • Overseeing the development and implementation of solutions or services
  • Portfolio, Programme & Project Management of technology projects
  • Project administration and documentation management services
  • SHERQ integration in ICT methodologies
  • Organisation design and development of ICT methodology integration and supporting communications, training and change interventions to address behavior change management aspects of technology solutions
  • Implementation and development of implementation / training material This approach is grounded in our holistic enterprise architecture knowledge.


Our offerings include:

  • Due diligence, valuations and deal structuring
  • Business reviews, rationalisation, diversification and company restructures
  • Setting up offshore structures: offshore tax and structuring advice
  • Setting up businesses and export agreements in Sub-Saharan Africa with the relevant transaction advice
  • Financial aspects of business rescue.